UPR Sea Grant Library



Provides for the information needs of researchers, students, teachers, the academic and general community. Includes: books, journals, researchers investigation papers, and other publications that addresses the needs of teachers and students interested in the marine sciences. The program, committed to the conservation and sustainable use of coastal and marine resources in Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean region, has been working for over two decades with the University of Puerto Rico,  “to promote sustainable development and the wise use of marine resources in Latin America and the Caribbean region.” Find more information in its web page at: http://www.seagrantpr.org/  Since July 1st 2008, by means of a collaborative agreement between the Director of the Sea Grant Program, Sr. Ruperto Chaparro, and the Director of the General Library, Dr. José Mari Mutt, Sea Grant Programs makes available thru the General Library’s online catalog, the bibliographic holdings of the Program’s Library.

Mailing Address: Sea Grant College Program University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus P.O. Box 9011 Mayagüez, PR 00681-9011




Physics, Geology and Marine Sciences Building, 3rd Floor, Room 310

Monday – Friday

1:00pm-5:30pm Saturday, Sunday & Holidays



Sra. María Font.

(787)832-4040, x2165

(787) 805-5110

Cel: (787) 470-4371




  1. Hola,
    Me graduo en Mayo de Biología y me interesa hacer maestría en ciencias marinas y me gustaria saber cuales son los requisitos para entrar y cual seria el exam. que ahy que tomar si ahy alguno…
    Si no es mucha molestia y me podrian informar un poco mas les agradecere… La verdad es que me interesa mucho y si me gustaria poder estudia.
    Odarelys Velázquez Candelario

    • Estimada Odarelys: He enviado su correo a la Sra. Monserrate casiano del Departamento de Ciencias Marinas. Ella orienta a los estudiante nuevos y se que con mucho gusto atender sus dudas. Le auguro xito. Deixter Deixter A. Mndez

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