Policy and Guidelines

Patrons Behavior policies

The Marine Sciences Collection strives to maintain a welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment for all patrons. Patrons are expected to maintain behavior that consistently respects the rights of other users to study and research within the buildings. Users are also expected to adhere to Universities policies as well as relevant state and federal laws. Staff members reserve the right to ask users engaging in behavior that disrupts the study and effective use of the Libraries (for example, playing music or making other loud noises) to curtail the disruptive behavior or leave the building. If the disruptive behavior persists, library staff will contact the campus police for assistance. Libraries’ user behavior expectations follow.

Use of computers

  •  All our computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Computers are for use by our currently registered students.
  • Members of the community can use our facilities, resources, and computers by showing a valid id. 
  • Users are responsible for saving their work frequently and making back-up files (on a floppy disk, on a USB Flash RAM drive or with e-mail messages to themselves). It is not advisable to store your files on the computer’s Hard Disk Drive.
  • Academic assignments and projects take precedence over games and recreational activities.
  • Games and recreational web browsing may be restricted during peak hours.
  • Installation of personal software is not allowed!
  • Patrons may not interfere with the setup, configuration or software of any computer.
  • Library staff can assist patrons with saving, locating, and accessing information, tutorials and on-line help.
  • Users must comply to the University policies on computer use and responsible computing.

 PC Reservation

  • Marine Sciences students and researches may book a computer. Bookings are for the same day only. If the patron does not show up within 15 minutes after the time of the reservation  the PC will be release to other patron.


  • Some level of conversation is allowed provided that our patrons keep their talk at a level minimum, not to disrupt other patrons. 

Food and Beverages

  • Eating any kind of food is not allowed near the computers. Beverages in containers with spill-proof or pull-top plastic bottles are permitted.

Cell Phones

  • Cell phones are recommended to be kept in silent mode, not to disrupt other patrons.

Closing Time

·         Patrons will be verbally inform 15 minutes before closing. Users are expected to cooperate with staff when closing time is announced and leave the collection. 

Trash and Recycling

·         The University has an extensive program for the recycling of paper, glass, metal, and plastic. Containers for this purpose are located in the lobby outside the front door. Users are expected to dispose of recyclables and other trash in an appropriate manner.


·        In order to respect the privacy, security, and comfort of all Library patrons, soliciting is not permitted

 Lost and found

  • Patrons are requested NOT TO LEAVE ANYTHING Unattended. The Collection is not to be held responsible for lost or misplaced items.

  Freedom of Information



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