Journal Title from EBSCO

Online [Elsevier Database];   Print [P]

Online and Print [O+P]



Applied Ocean Research [O] Elsevier : Science Direct

SH1 .A626

Aquaculture [O] Elsevier  : Science Direct

SH20.5 .A62

Aquaculture Magazine Buyers Guide [P]

QK916 .A65

Aquatic Botany [O]Elsevier : Science Direct

SH117.I7 B3

Israeli Journal of Aquaculture [P]

TC203 .C57

Coastal Engineering [O] Elsevier  : Science Direct

QE48.8 .C62

Computers & Geosciences [O] Elsevier  : Science Direct

GC85 .C65

Continental Shelf Resear. [O]Science Direct

QH95.8 .C672

Coral Reefs [O+P]


Dynamic of Atmospheres & Oceans [P] Science Direct

GC96 .E78

Estuanine Coastal and Shelf Science [P]Elsevier: Science Direct

QL639.1 .H6

Fish Physiology [P]

SH1 .F815

Fisheries. American Fisheries Society [P]


IAMSLIC Directory [P]

GC57 .I58

IAMSLIC Newsletter [P]


Israeli Journal of Aquaculture Bamidgeh [P]


Journal of Aquatic Animal Health [O+P]

QH91.A1 J6

Journal of Experimental Marine Biol. And Ecol. [O+P]

QL614 .J68

Journal of Fish Biology [O+P]

GC1000 .J68

Journal of Marine Environmental Engineering [P]


Journal of Marine Research [O+P]


Journal of the North Carolina Academy [P]

GC1 .J68

Journal of Oceanography [O+P]

QK564 .P47

Journal of Phycology [O+P]

QH90.8 .P5 J68

Journal of Plankton Research [O+P]

SH135 .J69

QE500 .G37

Journal of the World Aquaculture Soc. [O+P]

Geophysical research Letters [P]

GC1 .A85

Marine and Freshwater Research  [O+P]

QH91.A1 M35

Marine Biology  [O+P]

GC109 .M35

Marine Chemistry  [O] Elsevier

QH541.5.S3 M26

Marine Ecology Progress Series  [O+P]

GB5000 .N59

Natural Hazards  [O+P]

GC57 .I58

Newsletter – IAMSLIC [P]

SH34 .P76

North Amer. Jour. of Aquaculture [O+P]

SH22 .N67

North Amer. Jour. of Fish. Manag. Amer. Fish. Soc. [O+P]

TC1501 .O25

Ocean Engineering [O] Elsevier

GC201.2 .O24

Ocean Modelling [O] Elsevier

SH1 .G84

Proceed. of the Gulf and Carib. Fish. Inst. [P]

QC851 .R8

Quart. Jour. of the Royal Metereol. Soc. [O+P]

SH1 .A51

Trans. of the Amer. Fish. Soc. [P]

SH1 .W59

World Aquaculture [P]











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