Posted by: Deixter A. Mendez | October 19, 2009

University of Puerto Rico Sea Grant Program Database

Jasmine Seda, from the Sea Grant Program at Mayaguez send us the following information concerning a
Link –
“Beginning June 2008, the University of Puerto Rico Sea Grant Program (UPRSG) initiated a Caribbean-wide assessment (CRA) of the research priorities and needs of marine resource managers, users, and scientists in the United States territories and adjacent countries that comprise the Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem (CLME). In response to the present resource management problems that exist, UPRSG began a regional assessment to identify and prioritize critical areas of research and information associated with the sustainable use of marine resources that are applicable to the development of better management strategies.
Within this context, UPRSG has created a consistently-updated database that consists of over 250 bibliographic citations and publications from scientific journals that are linked to marine resource management and conservation in the Caribbean. The building of this comprehensive database is based on various topics pertinent to marine-related studies such as:
• Conservation management (biodiversity conservation)
• Coastal development and management (tourism)
• Fisheries management (overfishing, fish habitat destruction)
• Current threats to coral reefs (bleaching and diseases)
• Marine pollution (pesticides, hydrocarbons, metals, fecal)
• Anthropogenic impacts on marine ecosystems (human impact)
• Climate change (rising sea levels, global warming)
and others….
UPRSG also comments weekly on a recently published article that is relative to concerns or issues of marine conservation and management in the Caribbean. Please visit our UPRSG’s CRA blog for more information about recent activities and updates”


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