Posted by: Deixter A. Mendez | May 16, 2008

DMS alumni and friends (letter from Dr. E. Williams)

Dear DMS Alumni and Friends,


At three months from the proposed 2008 DMS Alumni Reunion, we have very few confirmations from potential attendees.  This low rate of confirmations does not allow us to make reasonably priced hotel reservations or other planning.  We are not totally giving up the idea of celebrating a DMS Alumni Reunion, however the dates must be reevaluated.  This postponement notice is sent to you to allow you to proceed with other plans.  We greatly appreciate the support of many of you in this attempt to set up the Reunion.


In checking the history of the First DMS Reunion, we began planning a few years in advance.  Perhaps we were not realistic in only allowing a year.  We need to pick a new date well in advance and decide what we wish to accomplish with the next Reunion.


As a substitute activity, and given that this year marks the 40th Anniversary of the establishment of the DMS, we are planning a formal dinner (fundraiser) with a key note speaker on a topic relevant to issues in Marine Sciences.  This activity is foreseen to take place in mid August 2008.  A fee (~$75.00) will be charged to attendees and the activity will be open to Alumni and the academic community.


I will continue to work with the DMS towards the organization of another DMS Alumni Reunion.









Ernest H. Williams, Jr.

Senior Faculty Member

Chairman of the Department of Marine sciences Alumni Association

PS You can send your questions directly to Dr. E. Williams to his e-mail address at







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