Posted by: Deixter A. Mendez | May 9, 2008


May 9, 2009


Dear DMS Faculty, Students and Personnel:

It is my sad duty to inform of the passing of Dr. Dannie Hensley, professor of Ichthyology and Marine Biogeography, at Hospital Concepción, San Germán, yesterday evening at about 6:45 PM.  Dr. Hensley had been hospitalized for three weeks with respiratory complications.  He was a member of this department for 28 years.

Our sincere condolences go to his wife and DMS employee, Mrs. Valentine Hensley.  At this time we do not have information about funeral or memorial services to be held.

 <’((((>><   <’((((>><    <’((((>><   <’((((>><    

 Estimados Profesores, Estudiantes y Empleados del DCM

Es mi triste tarea anunciar el fallecimiento del Dr. Dannie Hensley, profesor de Ictiología y Bio-geografía Marina, en el Hospital La Concepción, San Germán, en la tarde de ayer alrededor de las 6:45 PM.  El doctor Hensley había estado hospitalizado por tres semanas por complicaciones respiratorias. El Dr. Hensley fue miembro de este departamento por 28 años.

Nuestras condolencias a su esposa y empleada del DCM, Sra. Valentine Hensley.  En estos momentos no disponemos de información sobre los arreglos funerales.


Dra. Nilda E. Aponte





  1. I revered Dannie Hensley as a mentor, teacher, and especially as a friend. I truly appreciate all that he gave while assisting me and so many other students in our academic careers. So many of us loved and respected Dannie, as I am sure he was aware. I will fondly remember my discussions with him of science, life, history, all things fishes, or simply whatever was on our minds at the moment. They were always a welcome break from the daily grind of graduate studies, and I looked forward to hearing his perspective so frequently. Much of what Dannie taught me has molded my academic and scientific philosophies, and I can only hope to contribute a fraction to my field of what he gave to science and academia. I will proudly carry his advice and teachings into my doctoral studies this fall.

  2. Aunque no puedo decir que fui su amigo, siempre sentí una gran admiración y cariño por Dannie Hensley. Su obra nunca pasará. Comparto mi tristeza con Valerie Hensley y sus amigos, en especial sus compañeros de Ciencias Marinas.

  3. Mis más sinceras condolencias a Valerie Hensley, toda su familia y para todos los estudiantes y geresados que compartimos con Dannie Hensley.

    !Dios los bendiga!

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