Posted by: Deixter A. Mendez | April 16, 2008

News from Plankton Laboratory

Santo Navarro, Department of Marine Sciences doctoral student sent us the following announcement of Posters to be presented by the Department of Marine Sciences Plankton Laboratory in celebration of the Department’s 40th anniversary.
1- Seasonal variation and spatial distribution of early larval stages of the Long-Spired Sea Urchin Diadema antillarum in La Parguera, Puerto Rico.
Por Stacey Williams y Jorge R. Garcia-Sais.
2- Short Term Changes to the local coral reef community structure after the massive coral bleaching event 2005. Por Rene F. Esteves Amador
3- Estructura taxonómica y dinámica del zooplancton a través de un gradiente salino y altitudinal en el Río Guanajibo, Puerto Rico. 
Submitted by: 
Santo Q. Navarro Morales – Biologist

 Tel. (787) 899-0715 Casa  POBox 3333 La Pargera, Lajas, P. R. 00667-3333


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